Loving Art, Loving Life

Having left  city life and working life behind,  we really are enjoying our time in the countryside, here in Mid Devon.

We feel very passionate about the work that we do and get great inspiration with all that is around us here

We love what we do

We hope you do too


Our Goal

Our goal is to produce products that are pleasing, have originality and quality. We are always coming up with new ideas.

The Gelli  printing process will only create one single image, as you will never get the same image twice. 

Mixed Media & Digital Art

My mixed media art involves the use of a scanner and  photo editing software to enhance artwork with colours, contrast and depth.

Gelli Plate

Gelli printing is a form of art called monoprinting and previously in order to do it you had to have a press to transfer the paints from the plate to the paper or fabric

Wooden Craft

Woodworkers measure and verify dimensions, cut, and shape wooden parts. Woodworkers stain or coat the wood products with sealers and topcoats, such as varnish and lacquer. We use mainly reclaimed timber in our work

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